PF Changs Race Report

Post-race picture: Dan, Me, Matt, Terri, Mark, and Cute Little Lynne!

Hey Friends!

Here is my race report from this Sunday’s 1/2 Marathon…

On Saturday, I was not feeling very well, funky tummy and a cold. After a quick 6 mile shake-out run, we went to Orange Table to get my lucky monkey cakes. I sat around pretty much the entire rest of the day to get some much needed rest. 🙂 I didn’t taper at all for this race, so I was going to be heading into racing on a full training schedule. (60 miles for the week)

Sunday morning I awoke to a nice surprise..ladies, you know what I am talking about. Men, I am sorry. Second year in a row this happens. Unbelievable!
Anyways.. I ate my rice with rice milk and honey and got ready to go. Terri, Mark, Matt, Dan, and I drove down to the start line and of course did the obligatory port-o stop. I had to do a 2 mile warm-up with strides so I headed up to my corral to warm up. The gun went off about 5 minutes after I entered my corral, so it was perfect timing!

My goal was a 1:25:xx half marathon, or a 6:30/mile pace.

Mile 1- 6:18– A little fast, to be expected though!
Mile 2- 6:24
Mile 3- 6:26
Mile 4- 6:22 Took first Gu- Jet Blackberry. It was really hard for me to choke down with the cold going on, hard to breathe and swallow with all the phlegm. Yum.
Mile 5- 6:28
Mile 6- 6:31
Mile 7- 6:37– I was trying to draft on these miles as I could feel the wind. The guys I used for drafting off of slowed down, so I made the decision to break off and fend for myself.
Mile 8- 6:23– Fending for myself. Felt REALLY good here.
Mile 9- 6:24-Took second Gu- Vanilla Orange Roctane, still feeling really great.
Mile 10-6:39– Uphill here, ready for it to be over.:)
Mile 11-6:24- Trying so hard to pass these 2 girlies that were about 20 yards ahead. Never did catch ’em. Nuts!
Mile 12- 6:17
Mile 13-6:16
.15- 5:46 avg/pace

Finish time 1:24:17! YAY! I am really happy with my time so early in my training. It felt hard, but doable. This is a 10 minute PR for me in the 1/2 marathon! It was very fun and challenging to run in such a competitive field. I really enjoyed myself.

By the numbers:
I was the 15th female finisher out of 13,490
I was 4th in my age group out of 2,224
I was the 146 finisher overall out of 21,462

After I crossed the finish line, I got my picture taken, grabbed a bunch of food, and headed to use the restroom. Stomach was not feeling too hot. Postrace Matt and I met some of my DailyMile friends out for some food and drinks. We had such a great time!

Yesterday, (Monday) It was back to the grind as I had 7 miles recovery with some weight training at the gym. My legs were burning! Today I had 5 miles in the morning and I am leaving for track in a bit to do 8 miles with 12x400m in the rain!! Yikes!

Thank you for all of your continued support! I have a new race schedule that I can’t wait to post, stay tuned….

Question: Have you done a Rock and Roll event? What do you think of them?

Runningly Yours,


  1. I personally was not a fan of the 1/2 marathon route here in Phx. This was my first year doing it; I've done the full the past two years which I don't plan to do again. The half was a little too crowded for my taste. The full usually thins out but the half never did. The race itself was done very well and the crowd support, aid stations, and bands were great. But as for the course a volume of people I wasn't a fan. I plan to be a volunteer next year and try one of the many other fulls and halves in this wonderful state of ours!

  2. Great race on Sunday Ariana. Enjoyed the race report. Sounds like a massive workout this week, or maybe that's your normal routine now. I'm getting sore from just reading it. Hardcore watching you crank those miles out in the rain. The rest of us were doing our timed mile, then hiding under the bleachers out of the rain (kinda). Although, I think Matt still had the right idea in his pancho!!

  3. Great report. And awesome race! I'm lined up to do the RNR Country Music 1/2 in Nashville this April. I've heard great things about the series and I'm excited to see what it is like first hand!

  4. You are incredible!

    I'm doing the full marathon at the San Diego Rock 'n' Roll event in June. Excited! Never done ANY type of event, so not sure what to expect…

    …is it lame I'm super excited for the expo the day before so I can get some super cute and awesome running gear?! 🙂

  5. Olive- You will LOVE the San Diego marathon, it is my favorite race! I am the same way about expos, I love them! I really look forward to going to each one! lol! Thanks for reading! 🙂

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