Philly Here I Come!

The girls!


On Sunday, we had the famous Hanson’s simulator workout.   Dot had 26.2k to get ready for her full marathon, and I had 13.1k to get ready for Philly Half this weekend. After Crim, I was pretty nervous about this workout.

The morning of the workout, I practiced everything I will do race morning. Once I was warmed up and we were at the start line, I actually felt really good and excited. Kevin Hanson gave  my pace right before I started. I was confident that I could run that pace, so I was very happy and was able to relax. I ended up feeling awesome and running 10 sec. per mile faster than planned. (I guess setting the bar low at Crim helped, ha!) Matt rode his bike behind me but didn’t talk to me since he won’t be there doing that at the race.

Don’t get me wrong, it was *not* easy. I felt like I could have kept going, but I was definitely glad it was done also. I really needed that confidence booster. I am  now super excited to go to Philly and race a fast half-marathon.


Matt and I

Tank was smiling for the camera

After the workout, Kevin took the team out for breakfast, so that was really fun! We went to the Arts and Apples festival where I purchased some sweet pumpkin earrings, and than had Teamies Neely, Mel, and Tank’s BFF Toro over to watch the Packers game. It was a great Sunday! Well, except for the fact that the Packers lost  I guess.

I also wanted to share these recipes that I have tried. It turns out that I actually like to cook! I have always liked baking treats, but lately I have been venturing out of my comfort zone and cooking actual dinners. *gasp*

Sweet Potato and Sausage Soup  Frank’s Red Hot Sauce on top makes the soup!

Apple Cake Had to make one kind of sweet!

Baked Orzo

The mornings here have been nice and chilly- I actually wore long sleeves yesterday and today for the morning run!

I do not know anyone who has got to the top without hard work. That is the recipe. -Margaret Thatcher



  1. Great job, Ariana! I’m glad you crushed the simulator, and it sounds like a great confidence booster before the Philly half. I know Crim wasn’t a great race for you, but it sounds things have been going well since and I hope you exceed your goals in Philly like you did in the simulator! By the way, go Vikings! 🙂

  2. I LOVE Philly! I grew up in the suburbs. Sending you all my hometown good luck vibes! You will do amazing!

  3. Good luck this weekend! I live outside Philadelphia, too. I would have registered for the race if I knew you were running it. It sounds like the weather should be nice. Safe travels! 🙂

  4. Hey Ariana, Best of luck and safe travels to Philly…by the way, have you found a replacement racing shoe for the Brooks ST series? or are you still loving them? WOuld love to know what you’ve found for a replacement–if you have.
    All the best,
    Paul Sherman or

  5. Thank you so much you guys! Paul, I wear the Brooks T7 for all of my racing now. I love them! What are you racing in?

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