Pre-race surprises!

On Wednesday night, I got a call from an associate of Scottsdale Mayor W.J. Lane. He found out about my goal to qualify for the Olympic Trials and invited me to accompany him to a press conference Thursday afternoon and a VIP dinner on Friday night.  I had already taken Friday off of work to fill some requirements with Brooks and to rest up, but I knew I had to take this opportunity. I was able to get a substitute for 1/2 day and met Mayor Lane at PF Changs for the press conference. I am a bit socially awkward, but it was super fun! He had me come up to say a few words (totally nervous!) and after the conference I was interviewed by Channel 3, 10, Sue Berliner from Sweat Magazine, Jeff Metcalfe from AZ Republic, and Mario Fraioli from Competitor.  I never saw the TV broadcast as we don’t have a tv, but I guess it was on the 9pm news that night.

Here are some pics and links to the interviews. Thanks for making a gal feel so special!! wow!


With Mayor W.J. Lane

First grade teachers talk with their hands and use facial expressions, hahaha!!

Mayor Lane, Me, CEO of PF Changs

Josh Cox who went on to win the men's marathon and break his own American record in the 50k

Getting mic'd up!

Talking on camera. Totally nervous.

Talking with Sue Berliner

Sue and I

With Jeff Metcalfe and Mario Fraioli

I worked with Brooks at the expo the following morning and then was able to take the rest of the day off work to prop my legs up. It was a good thing. With all the excitement going on, I was so tired! Regretfully, I had to miss the VIP dinner. I knew that I would need all of the rest I could get before Sunday. However, I have heard that it was very fun and many shots were consumed. Luckily I did not go. 😉


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