Putting it out there.

I am all buzzed up on coffee and kombucha, perfect time to write a blog post!

blog oct 14

After a summer of training up in the mountains at 6700 feet in Heber, and in the heat of Phoenix, I am almost ready to race! In 9 days, I will be running the US Marathon Championships at the Twin Cities Marathon. I absolutely love racing in Minnesota! You can track me here and watch live video feed of the Championships here on USATF TV.

I feel like my cycle has gone really well. In all honesty, I have had a few hiccups.  Days where the heat and humidity have been high my workouts didn’t quite turn out as I would have liked, which is to be expected, but hard to deal with nonetheless. However, all in all, I have had a really solid marathon cycle. I have had more energy this time around while still running 100-120 miles per week. My body has felt great, no hip pain or overwhelming fatigue like I had experienced this spring while getting ready for Riga. I am ready to get the job done.

My friend Sun wrote a blog post the other day about goal sharing and why we sometimes are nervous to share goals for fear of failure. Read it here. I have definitely been that girl who is less than confident about sharing race goals so I thought it would be a good kick in the pants to share mine this time.

I have an A,B,and a C goal for this race, they are:

A. Run under 2:35. My training dictates it- my log is full of workouts that I have executed really well. I am ready. I have worked so hard on the physical and mental preparation. After *ahem* 2+ years, I am finally going to a race at what I feel is my optimum race weight. It has been hard giving up ice cream, desserts, and beer, but no worries, I will work hard to gain it back the week after the race during downtime. It will be difficult, but someone’s gotta do it. 😉

B. Place in the top 10- If the weather is horrendous or if I am having a horrible day, I will hang tough and race for place.

C. Run a PR (under 2:37:27)

It feels good to put that out there.

That was a good beer back in August. Ahh...sweet memories.

That was a good beer back in August. Ahh…sweet memories.

I am pretty excited to have Matt,  and also my friends and training partners Alanna, Brett, and Ricardo there. Coach John will also be there so I will have a great support system on the course! I am really excited.

Thanks to Brooks Running, Sole Sports, Osmo Nutrition, Garden of Life, and Sonoran Distance Project for all of your support these past few months. Also big thanks to the In-Laws- Jack and Sharon Hilborn who let us live in their cabin for the summer so I could train. I appreciate it so much and know it will pay off! Ready to make you all proud!



  1. Good luck Ariana! You can do it! we are always proud of you! Your hard work and dedication will pay off!

  2. I always get super scared about posting my goals too but its another little way of motivating myself during training or in a race when I’m feeling like I’m losing it…I love reading your blogs you motivate me so much! You are gonna do AWESOME lady!!! Good luck! (=

  3. Good luck Ariana!!! I know you are going to rock it. P.S. I’m addicted to Kombucha??

    • Thanks girl! I know, it is so delicious! In Michigan we made our own, I have to get back to doing that!

  4. Eeeeekkkk- you so brave!!! I love it! Do your absolute best and aim for A- we’ll all be here cheering you on.

  5. Ari, You got this!! To achieve greatness you must commit to excellence day in and day out. You also must BELIEVE in yourself 100%.
    YOU have committed to excellence every day, year after year. YOU are more confident than ever.
    We all are cheering for you!!

  6. Woohoo!!! Glad to hear the update Ari and even happier with the fact that you have been able to have some rock solid training which I figured you were. When you don’t post for a while I know that your dialed into training and some good things are in store. I’m wishing you the best at Twin Cities and those are some amazing goals and you’ll be a winner no matter which goal you achieve. Appears that we both have gotten stronger mentally. I’m currently in week 7 of my 10-week build for my October 12th race and I’ve lacked confidence and have been mentally broken since February but a switch went off in me for some reason during my 10 mile training run on Monday. I’m feeling like I know I can accomplish goals and finish workout strong. Though not at altitude I’ve spent the last 4 weeks doing training runs and simulations on the race course of my upcoming race. Once again, wishing you the best Ari. You’ll have one LOUD cheerleader here in Florida for sure when you lace them up for Twin Cities!!! RUN HAPPY 🙂

    • Lee!! Are you still on Twitter? Thanks so much for your kind words. I really appreciate your support! What are you racing on the 12th? I will be cheering you on from AZ for sure! Sounds like you are preparing very well. Have you read ‘Champion’s Mind’ by Dr. Jim Afremow? I found it very helpful. Go get ’em friend!

      • No, haven’t read that Ari but I’ll have to check it out for sure. I’m running the Pretty in Pink 5K hoping to PR, it’s been a looooong drought. I haven’t been on Twitter for probably a little over a year know, maybe longer. I just have Pinterest (FLRunnerBoy) and my blog now. Thank you for your support as well Ari and I’ll need those cheers 🙂

  7. I am cheering for you!!!!! Love that you shared your goals. Here is a quote for you. 🙂 Now go kick some butt! Hugs!!!! “If we write our dreams and goals down, we dramatically increase our odds of realization. If we share them with others, they become potent and alive.” – Kristin Armstrong

  8. Super good luck, Ariana! Glad to hear the stars are aligning for this race. I agree that it’s hard to put your goals out there, but sometimes it’s refreshing knowing it’s out there. I will most definitely be following you and cheering you on from afar!

  9. Good luck, Ariana! I first heard about you from the Runner Academy podcast and you are truly an inspiration!!

  10. You are going to do awesome!! I will be watching the live video feed.

    • Thanks Lisa!!! We should get together for fun drinks during my downtime. 🙂

  11. So excited for you. NO doubt sub 2:35 is yours. I wish the the BEST race and more than that, the confidence to go out there and take it – it’s yours. Can’t wait to hear about it!! True inspiration to me.

    • Thanks Katie!! I am excited for you for your marathon, your training is amazing! Seems like you are ready for your big breakthrough too!

  12. Ariana, you are such a wonderful inspiration. Following your accomplishments has helped me put one foot in front of the other the last couple years. Congrats on today’s race, well done!!! (And, p.s. remind Matt he owes me an email big time….)

    • Thank you so much Kathleen, you are so sweet! And thank you for reading and supporting me. 🙂 I will definitely let Matt know. 🙂

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