Racing again!

IronGirl 2009

My favorite time of the year is here! I love, love, love Fall. I love sleeping with the windows open and snuggling under the covers. I love drinking my Silk Chocolate Mint with some whipped cream on top. Most importantly, I love not having to get up at 3:30am for weekend running!

I am back up to 70 miles this week and will keep climbing until I taper for PF Changs. I am feeling great so far and have changed some things in my training.  Adjustments I have made are:

1. Rolling and stretching for at least 10 minutes every day.

2. No drinking. I know it will be a challenge during the holidays, but I really haven’t been feeling deprived at all. I know it probably doesn’t make a difference, but when I feel better, I know I will run better. I didn’t abstain much getting ready for Chicago and that didn’t work, so we’ll try this. 🙂

3. I have been using Visualization and Affirmation to work on my mental toughness. Coach gave me some great books to read and I have been practicing the techniques I have learned in them.

4. My biggest change I am trying is using Hammer Nutrition. My friend Steve over at Run Bulldog Run suggested Hammer products to me after I have been having stomach *issues* during races.  Coach suggested I try having only a ‘liquid’ breakfast so I purchased Hammer Perpetuem to drink 3 hours before long runs and races over 60 minutes. It is gluten-free and easy to digest.  I read a great article on fueling up where the basic premise is ‘less is more’. Read this! Before my 10 mile race tomorrow, I will only have water and a Hammer gel. I practiced today and had no stomach distress at all. So I am excited to try this technique tomorrow. If it doesn’t work, it’s back to the drawing board, but I have a feeling I am getting closer to getting my finicky stomach figured out!

So tomorrow I am back to racing with the IronGirl 10 mile. I am excited for it. It is a late start, (9am!) but I have practiced running the course two times this week starting at 9am to get a feel for the later time. Upside is I get to sleep a little longer, downside is that the wind will have picked up by then. When I ran it this morning, the wind was blowing me around!

I am going to try to break one hour. I know I can. I have done it twice before during half-marathons. I just need my body to cooperate! 🙂 Of course, I am a little nervous of this goal since I haven’t raced since Chicago, but I have had 2 weeks of solid track workouts and I feel healthy. So I will update tomorrow with how the race goes!

IronGirl 2009

The duck. 2009

I know I haven’t been keeping up with this blog as much as I would like. Between work and trying to recover well, and getting ready for guests during the holidays, I have been so busy. I also have not been posting on DailyMile anymore. It was very time consuming and although I love the friends I have made through DM, I knew I had to stay off of it and focus on my own running rather than on what others were doing. I *might* be a little competitive. 😉 I also felt that so many people were encouraging me and I was having trouble finding the time to comment on the workouts of others’. I didn’t really think that was very fair of me, but, I hope to still keep in touch with my DM friends through their blogs and facebook.  ((hugs))

IronGirl 2009


  1. Hi Ariana, Trust me, your DM friends do not expect you to comment on their workouts. We are looking up to yours. You inspire us, you lift us and we are with you in spirit. There is absolutely no expectation from us to have you post on our pages. We chose to follow you because we see greatness in you. So just get back to posting and let us share in your dream. You go!!!

  2. Hi Ariana, happy to see you racing again! As always an inspiration! I liked this blog about your stomach, I suffer from this as well and can’t seem to find the right solution. I might give the hammer products a try. We miss you on dailymile! Keep up the good work lady!
    Tiffany W

  3. Great to read your update, Ariana. I wondered why you were MIA on DailyMile, and now I understand. Thanks for the mention regarding the Hammer products, and I really hope they work out for you. Sounds like they’re working well, anyway.

    Keep up the great work. See you at the marathon in January!


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