Random Food Thoughts…

Terri and Mark have totally gotten me hooked on 2 things. You MUST try them!!

1. Nothing but Banana- flattened, dried, banana from Trader Joe’s. Nothing added to it at all, kind of like banana jerky. (Sounds wierd/gross I know!) Such a good snack! Warning: Do not attempt to eat the whole package or even half the package in one sitting. You will want to, trust me. However, force yourself to step away from the dried banana goodness. Your stomach can thank me later.

2. Buy True Blueberry Tea by Celestial Seasons. (For us AZ folks- cheapest at Sprouts) Brew a cup, add vanilla creamer and: Mark adds Stevia, I add organic agave nectar to sweeten it. SO good! This treat has been taking the place of dessert every night this week!

More randomness:

As Valentine’s Day ended, I had realized that I have been eating total junk. I am a cookie/cake/cupcake fiend! I have been eating way to much of the aforementioned using the excuse “But I am running 80+miles a week”  I have realized that I need to reread “Racing Weight” and get back to the program. Not for weight reasons, but to fuel myself properly for running. If I am going to take it seriously, I need to watch what I am using to prep my body for running my best. This week has been much better, hopefully I can have the strength to say “no!” to the artifial junk! Now a pure, chemical-free cookie or cupcake from Tammie Coe Cakes is a whole ‘nother issue.

Happy running and eating friends!


  1. I’m totally with you on getting stricter with what I put in my shrine. All this hard training may be getting a little wasted if we aren’t fueling ourselves properly. Eating clean should be the easy part, right? Let’s help each other stay focused on our goal. ONLY 8 weeks- that’s nothin!

  2. I just read Racing weight too. I find that I eat all the right things but I eat way too much of it! I LOVE carbs. I could eat a french loaf of bread no problem! I have about two more pounds I would like to lose before Boston and so I’ve been working on portion control. It is hard when you run 80 miles a week. I think I should be able to eat as much as I want! ha. Good Luck and thanks for the post.

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