Riding the IVF Roller Coaster Part 2

Monday Oct. 30th, 2017- 8 weeks, 3 days

Another ultrasound appointment in the books. Before every appointment I get so nervous. It is such a scary feeling just hoping and praying that baby is ok until you see the confirmation on the screen.

The hematoma has not shrunk, but it has not grown either. Baby is showing growth of 8 weeks 5 days- 2 days ahead of schedule! The heartbeat was a strong 170 bpm. We were able to see the spine, brain, and arm and leg buds. Little gummy bear was even dancing around a bit. So adorable!

I am continuing to be on bed rest which is really difficult. I moved my transfer from August to September so that I would not have to take time off school- especially in the beginning of the year when my kinders are still getting used to the kindergarten routine. I also figured I would have a June baby so I was also hoping I wouldn’t have to miss very much, if any, school at the end of the year. Ha! Best laid plans I guess…  We are not sure how long I will have to be on bed rest as there is really no predicting what the hematoma will do.  The unknown is super stressful but I am thankful for my Sonoran Sky Family who have been so supportive and understanding.

My next appointment is on Monday, Nov 6 so here’s to a hoping this hematoma starts to go away!


The black area above the sac is part of the hematoma. It is underneath the sac as well. The dark black areas are the active bleeds.