Riding the IVF Roller Coaster

*Not running related, blog post written on Monday October 23, 2017


 Our first round of IVF worked.

I began testing about 4 days after my transfer.(Honestly, who can wait 2 weeks for a blood test??) On day 4 the test was stark white, on day 5 I had a squinter of a second line, and the lines got progressively darker each day after that. We couldn’t get too excited until we heard the confirmation from my IVF nurse with my blood test results on Monday, October 2. Matt and I are over the moon!

One week after we got our official ‘positive’ I was at school getting ready for the day. I went to the restroom and saw blood. I panicked. Every horrible thought went through my head as I rushed to call Matt and get to my Doctor. Once there, they took blood work and sent me home to rest in bed. They assured me that bleeding is completely normal and that many pregnant women bleed early on for various reasons. My blood results came back perfect, little snowflake was growing and my body was producing plenty of HCG indicating a strong pregnancy. My progesterone went down a bit so I was prescribed extra dosage and was back at school the next day.

One week later on Oct 16, the day before my first ultrasound, I had a very large bleed. I was passing blood clots and was cramping. Again, I thought this was the end of our road. I was devastated and in shock. I could barely move while lying in bed waiting for the clinic to open. I was able to get in for an ultrasound right away and there was my little snowflake with a strong heartbeat of 120bpm at 6 weeks 3 days. We were so relieved and in tears. However, next to the baby was a subchorionic hematoma causing the bleeding. I was ordered bed rest for the remainder of the week. I had never heard of this before and immediately went home to do all the research. There are many great stories of the SCH resolving itself so although nervous, I was sure that mine would resolve as well and all would be just fine. I was bummed to miss the week of school but I was trying to remain positive that I would be back to school on Friday so I could spend the weekend preparing for upcoming parent teacher conferences.

Two days later on Wednesday night, I had a my worst bleed yet including cramping and vomiting. I was heartbroken and so very scared. I knew I had to wait for my scheduled ultrasound the next morning to see if my baby made it through. Going to the ER wouldn’t help. There is literally nothing that can be done for SCH.

Thursday morning was not good. My SCH had grown very large in comparison to the little bean- 4cmx6cm. The risk was that the hematoma can cause the placenta to remove from the uterine wall causing miscarriage as the baby is yet so tiny. But there my little one was, still growing with a heartbeat of 119. I have to admit, the nurse did not sound positive about my situation and put me on bedrest through December. We need the hematoma to bleed out, reabsorb into my body, or the little one needs to grow large enough to collapse it. We left feeling happy that the baby was ok, but devastated that this hematoma had grown so large and that the outlook was not rosy.

Three days later, on Monday Oct 23 I went back to the clinic for monitoring. I had just some light spotting over the weekend. So I was hoping that the hematoma was resolving itself. We were so nervous. Good news! Baby had grown a lot over the three days and heartbeat measured at 158bpm. Hooray! Then we saw the hematoma, it had not shrunk at all. However, it is looking to have some grey stripes on it which means that the hematoma is beginning to clot and hopefully heal.

Baby underneath in his little egg sac, massive hematoma on top.

Baby underneath in his little egg sac, massive hematoma on top.

My next appointment is on Monday, Oct 30th. I will be 8 weeks and 3 days. Bed rest has been pretty awful. I miss moving, I miss my KinderKids, I miss being out and about. Matt has been having to do everything- cleaning, grocery shopping, taking care of Gussie, cooking, all while working full time. It is very hard to sit here and not be able to help!

We now just continue monitoring and wait and pray. Lots of prayers.

This little Frosty is our one golden egg. We know we  have a fighter, he just has to hang in there for us. We love him so much already.