Roughing it

This past weekend I got suckered in to going camping. Those of you who know me, know that I prefer “cabining”, not camping. We only went for one night so that Matt could get in some rock climbing, so it wasn’t so bad. They even had restrooms at the campsite. Score! Besides being cold, I had a pretty good time.  Dare I say I might even camp again! (in a year or so.)

Before we headed up to Prescott, I got a surprise in the mail from my favorite food company…    PERFECT FOODS BARS!!!!!!  Now I did not have to fret about making sure I had enough food packed for the night! The bars cover all bases..breakfast…snack…lunch….! If you have not yet tried them, you need to get on it! SO good! I am so lucky to have such a great company behind me!

With my favorite PF Bars- Carob Chip!

Read more about the Perfect Foods Company here. They are AWESOME. *love*


Yum..Pumpkin Porters at The Raven Cafe in Prescott