Run, eat, sleep, repeat.

It’s that time of the marathon training cycle where I feel like that is all I am doing!

The other day, I read a great tweet by Sally Bergesen, the Founder and CEO of Oiselle. In it she said “The grind is the glory”.Β  I love that, it is so true! Reiterates how anything worth achieving is going to take a lot of work and determination- the “grind”.Β  I also admire what Jim Afremow says in his book “A Champion’s Mind“- one must deliberately and fiercely chase their dreams. Cheers to that.

Mug from Chicago. Just had to have it.

Mug from Chicago. Just had to have it.

Last weekend I ran the Shamrock Shuffle 8k in Chicago with my teammate Amy Cole.


Training for the Riga Marathon meant IΒ  had 100 miles on the week but since we no longer had a full team entered in the competition I thought I would still go for it and see what I could do. Turns out that during the race I thought I was running faster than I actually was, so that was a bummer. Don’t you hate it when that happens? Ha!

I came in 4th out of 17k females, exactly one second behind 3rd, gahhhhh!!! I was pretty disappointed that I didn’t push myself more. Learning to hurt in those shorter distances is definitely somethingΒ  I am working on. Although I was disappointed in my average pace, it is always fun to race and being in Chicago got me very excited for the marathon in October. Amy and I had a great time and a fun weekend relaxing and racing!

Photo by Kevin Claffey

Photo by Kevin Claffey

Photo by Kevin Claffey

Photo by Kevin Claffey

Amy and I went to Lou Malnati's for post race lunch.

Amy and I went to Lou Malnati’s for post race lunch.


A few weeks ago we had a visitor out to get in some warm weather training. Gussie misses seeing her best girlfriend every morning. πŸ™‚

Desi is running Boston in 2 weeks and we couldn’t be more excited for her! GO DESI GO!!



And, did you know it is supposed to be 97 degrees here on Thursday??? Too soon, too soon. Time for early morning wake up calls….

Hope everyone’s training is going well, and if you have any tips for traveling/racing overseas I would love to hear them!

Run happy, friends!


  1. Hmmmm “The Grind Is The Glory” … I like that! It’s definitely “post on the refrigerator worothy! You look strong and controlled in your race photos Ari. Come fall maybe I can give you a pointer or two on handling the pain of those shorter distances race seeing that my fall schedule is loaded with them ha! (nothing over 5K until 2015 for the most part). You are going to do crazy good in Chicago come October! I just know it! I’m excited to hear you are running it, now I have someone to watch for πŸ™‚ I can’t wait to see what Desi aka “The Little Might Mite” aka “The Tiny Assasin” (all names I’ve given her haha!) has in store for Boston! I’ve actually taken the day off of work just to take in all the festivities and watch the “BIG” race :)! 97 degree temps already … UGH!!! Don’t fret though chica you are sooooo not alone in that category. We had temps in the low 90’s just the other day here in Florida and it was 77 degrees and humid at 5am during my run yesterday morning which tells how hot the days will be soon. Fall come quickly pleeeeease haha! Hope training continues to go well for you Ari!! Run fast, run free, Run Happy!!!

    P.S. I’m back to Brooks by the way … the Nike marriage just wasn’t working for me lol

    • Enjoy racing overseas! It’s a great experience! Send some of that heat up to Norway, please πŸ™‚

    • HI Lee! First of all, glad to hear you are in Brooks again! πŸ™‚ And yes, any short distance pointers you can pass my way, I will gladly take! Very cool that you have the day off of work to watch Boston, I can wait. That is exciting that you are taking time to work on the shorter distances. It also means you can race more, which is always so fun. πŸ™‚

  2. Hi Ariana,
    I’m Sid from India very new to running feb 14 πŸ™‚ and I’ve followed your podcast on runners academy which was very inspiring for me especially the part on how you started your running … and your achievements .. superb
    Its great to see your website with reads on how you are progressing in running … it inspires me. Thanks and I wish you good luck for all your endeavors

  3. Hey Ariana,

    I’m an English guy who lives in California and recently listened to your interview on the Runner Academy podcast and it gave me huge motivation! I’ve never quite ran the marathon as I would hope but your interview convinced me to join a running club to seek some further advice on going sub 3 hours! I do have a few questions that I was hoping you may have time to address, I currently run about 45-50 miles per week and recently did the Hollywood Half in 1hr 24 mins… first race after an injury that kept me out for 2 years! Here’s my questions:

    I know that I need to lose about 4-5lbs from my upper body as I lifted a lot during my time off training, I strength train twice per week, legs one day and upper body compound movements (mainly body weight exercises like pull ups/push ups) the other, high reps/low rest……what specific weight training do you do? any upper body?

    I heard you on runner academy talking about your runs…..I currently do an interval session, a tempo run, a shorter faster run, then recovery runs and a longer run at the weekend. How often do you do hills? I usually do one of my recovery runs as a hilly run…should I do more speedwork on hills?

    My true goal is to achieve what you have…..go from a every day runner to eventually competing to win local races and one day smash that 3 hour time for the marathon! Will be keeping up with your blogs on here and on twitter….thanks for your time and congrats on your achievements so far…..great interview best one yet!

    • Hi Jack!
      Congrats on the Hollywood Half marathon!! That is a fun one,
      For weight training, I do Jay Dicharry’s exercises from his book “Anatomy for Runnners”. I also do Jay Johnson’s Core H routine, and exercises from the book “Core Performance Endurance”. In the thick of marathon training, I really only do strength 1-2x per week for 60 minutes each time. Daily I do coach jay Johnson’s Cannonball or Grant Green cool down routines and lunge matrix. You can find those through Google or YouTube.
      I try to get in hills once per week. I like to do a few speed sessions on hills throughout the cycle.
      Keep working hard and believe in yourself!! You will definitely achieve your goals!! Let me know if you have any other questions, happy to help! πŸ™‚

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