Running Through The Holidays

My beautiful sister, beautiful Mom and me!

Holy smoke, I can’t believe Christmas is over. Every year, it seems to go by more quickly. I know I shouldn’t complain as I do get 2 weeks off of school, but I felt like I had to cram everything in just to get things done and I didn’t really have time to enjoy the season. Welcome to adulthood I guess! đŸ™‚

My parents, brother, and sister were able to come to Arizona for Christmas and we had so much fun! We ate a ton, had some good wine, and celebrated being together for the holiday. Gosh, it just goes by so fast. I spent months looking forward to their arrival and then it was over!

Even Tank gets a stocking!

Tank going for Dad's presents! Tank was the master gift opener that night!

Matt in his antler glory.

My brother- Ludolph!!!

On Christmas morning, a few of our good friends came over for our first annual Hilborn Reindeer Run. Everyone wore their antlers (we had to leave them home for the run though…it was so windy!) After the run, we all had a brunch together. It was such a special time to be together as family and friends.

Reindeer Run! Christmas morning.

17 more days until PF Changs. I am feeling great, have been nailing my workouts. I just am still trying to get this nutrition thing figured out. I think I have a good plan that will give me 540 calories before the race, but I just can’t figure out the gel thing. I really feel like one gel every 5 miles is too much for my stomach to handle, but I also do not want to bonk. That would be devastating. I am also having a hard time choosing between Hammer gels and Honey Stingers. I love Hammer products, but I think that the honey stingers have more of what I need and will most likely be easier on this finicky stomach of mine.

Suggestions? I have 17 more days to practice with this stuff. Maybe I am overthinking and am worrying for nothing, but I really do not want to have to stop during a race again.

Here are the nutrition facts for Hammer and Honey Stinger. I was thinking of trying 3-4 gels for the race instead  of 5.

What works for you?

I hope you all had a blessed Holiday season.


  1. Love your photos! Looking forward to seeing you again next week : ) but sooo happy for the days off in between ; )

  2. 1 gel (CarbBoom) every 7 miles. I happened upon this approach completely by accident and ran my marathon PR that day. I’ve tried other approaches since and usually find myself overloaded

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