Ryan House Run practice

Happy Sunday! This morning for my long run, (16 miles) I decided to get this bootie into gear for the Ryan House Half Marathon on March 6th. I have heard it is a pretty tough course, so I wanted to get some practice in. It was difficult, but very beautiful! Here is the course elevation chart. Matt was kind enough to take some video of me (some embarrassing moments I’m afraid!) Enjoy!

I ran 16 miles (8 uphill, 8 downhill) and my average pace was 7:23. I was really happy with it, but I know I need to get faster on this course, so I will keep working on it! This ends my week with 70 miles!

I was so done after this run! It really just beat me up. After church and a soft pretzel, I took a much needed nap. It felt sooooo good! Now to tackle this week, wish me luck!

Runningly Yours,


  1. I loved the videos! How fun! I'm doing Ryan House too. I didn't realize the course elevation was such a climb. I've done the 10k though in years past and it was always rolling hills.

  2. Ok that first clip had me cracking up!! So funny!!
    I love that your creepy husband decided to video you. He is such a great supporter and is seriously one of the BIG reasons your as good as you are! We have to be the luckiest girls in the world to have such incredible hubby's!!! Group hug!

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