San Diego Rock and Roll Half Marathon

They did it!!!

We had such a great weekend in California. This was our last trip out there for awhile as we are moving to Michigan in a few weeks. We enjoyed every minute of our stay!

My brother, Lukas, ran his first marathon with my sister, Marisa as his pacer.

Expo time! Marisa and Lukas

They did so awesome and I am SO proud of both of them. I have a feeling Lukas is already plotting out his next race. They finished in 4:23, exceeding their expectations. I was so sad to miss them crossing the finish line. The awards ceremony got started late and was a bit lengthy. So, that was a bummer.

Since we were there, I ran the Half Marathon. I went in to the race feeling very relaxed. I wasn’t treating it as a ‘race’ and getting all flustered, which I think really helped me perform well. I even had wine 2 nights before the race, which I *never* do! John told me “You don’t have to go out and prove yourself”. His plan for me was to run MP and pick it up gradually. I just wanted to stay relaxed, get in a good workout, and build my confidence for Grandma’s marathon.

Coming around the corner to the finish line.

I started out slow, and progressed throughout the race. My splits don’t really show that as much as I wanted them to, but with the hilly course, I was just trying to go by effort. I started out at just above marathon pace, tried to speed up gradually throughout miles 4-10 and then went as fast as I could the last 5k. It worked, I felt AMAZING the entire time. I felt controlled and relaxed, I even had a pretty lengthy convo with a guy at around mile 7. I finished second in 1:15:32, a new half marathon PR. The course was AWESOME! I really enjoyed the hills, maybe I am just biased because I love racing in San Diego, ha!

I am so happy and encouraged that I ran well after coming off of a 120 mile week and running 90 miles for the week. My breakfast plan worked like a charm, no stomach problems during or after the race. I always bring a gel with me for just in case, but I didn’t need it at all. I felt very fueled and energetic.

Now it is time to recover, recover, recover and taper!

Post-race Sushi Dinner

For those wondering, this is my race nutrition:
3 hrs pre-race- EFS liquid shot mixed into 2 16oz water bottles= 400cal
½ Trader Joes bagel= 140 cal
Hammer Heed 1 scoop sip until race- 100cal

For the marathon, I will bring a gel with me as a security blanket, but I will be getting all of my calories from Hammer Heed- 50 calories worth every 3 miles or so. Mile 16= Ginger bomb- flattened ginger ale w/ salt cap dissolved.

I am beyond excited to run Grandma’s Marathon. The weather is looking great 10 days out, and I am very confident in my fitness right  now. I feel good, have been sleeping well, and recovering nicely! My Mom and Dad may be able to come to Duluth for the race, so that would be awesome! 10 days!!!!!!


  1. Ginger bomb – is that to help with stomach issues? I struggle with stomach issues/nausea – wonder if this will help?

  2. Michelle- yes! I am the QUEEN of stomach issues! I wanted to be able to get in a but of caffeine mid-race and found that the caffeinated salt cap in stomach-soothing ginger ale or ginger juice/water worked REALLY well!

  3. Very interesting…. I’m going to give it a try on my next long run – thanks!!!

    BTW – best of luck at Grandma’s!

  4. I love the Zvers! You guys are a very committed (and good-looking) running group. Love you guys!

  5. Do you use the same race nutrition for half-marathons as you would for a marathon? I’ve been putting down way less calories for my half-marathons, maybe I need to up it a bit.

    I love reading your race reports…keep it up!

  6. Thanks Vanessa!!! We love you too!!! 🙂 Craig, for the half marathon, I used 400cal of EFS, and had 1/2 bagel, but no sports drink. I also did not take in any calories at all during the race. Felt really good, so although it may seem like a lot of cals before a half, it worked for me, so I am sticking with it. 🙂 John had me try that much during the half because if it stayed down while running that fast, in theory, it will be fine during the marathon running slower. Hope that helps!

  7. Congrats on a great race, Ariana!! Thanks for posting the nutrition info – that’s very helpful! I have stomach issues all the time…doesn’t matter what distance or type of run. I ran my first full recently though, and by some miracle my stomach cooperated. I was fine from the time I left the hotel until the time I got back to the hotel…didn’t even have to use a Porty-Potty before or after the race. Must have been dumb luck. 🙂 I’m going to try your suggestions when I get back to long runs. I hope to see you out on the roads and trails after you move to MI!

  8. Thanks Matt! 🙂 I hope to see you soon! Glad to hear your stomach was ok for the marathon, that is the weird thing, sometimes when I think I will have problems due to something I ate, I am fine! Then other times I can live off of rice and have my long run ruined the next day…grrrr!!! It is never-ending. 🙂

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