School is back in session!

Most of you know that I used to teach first grade. After I qualified for the Olympic Trials last January, many of my friends advised me to make the most of this amazing opportunity and to put all of my energy in to training for the trials. No regrets. After lots of number crunching, Matt and I decided that I could take a leave of absence from teaching and focus on my training. As much as I love my little firsties, I knew that I could not give 100% to both feats- training and teaching 28 kiddos- and that wouldn’t be fair for anyone. Who wants a haggard teacher who has been awake running since 3am? 😉

Enter my new job working at Sole Sports.

I love talking running all day. Lance and Karen, the owners of Sole Sports, have been so accommodating and supportive of my goals. They have given me great hours so that I am able to train twice a day, and they allow me to head up north to altitude on the weekends for training. I am so thankful for this awesome opportunity! Did I mention I get to work with  really cool people, including my bestie T-low?

Katie Ellis and I working together at Sole, she is one hell of a triathlete and knows so much about shoes and gear. Pretty incredible!

School at Wildfire Elementary begins today (!!) and I am so excited for my teacher friends and all of my prior students. This is my favorite time of year, the excitement of back to school, fall approaching! I know there will be many times I will miss teaching and the joy it put in my heart, but I am confident that for now, following my dreams is something I need to do.  Go big or go home right?

Happy first day of school everyone!


  1. Thanks, Ari! Come by any time if you need a firsties fix! We miss you!!

  2. i love it when they have people that really run at running stores. go figure. The smaller ones usually do and I love the advice they give. When people start running I advise them to go to a smaller store and get fitted. Road runner sports fits you too, but the kid who fit me just ran to work but mostly played foot ball. I had been fitted by most of the smaller stores in the valley- all suggesting an 8.5 stability shoe- and I have been happy running in them for over 8 years now. When they came to the valley I wanted to get fitted and was surprised that my little foot ball boy put me in a 7.5!!! Naturally I stuck with what I knew worked! Love smaller stores and I am happy that they have you for this year and that they are working with you so you can be the best you can be. I am currently training for my 6th marathon and when I’m doing speed work and dying out there I often think of you (and Paula and Kara) and how your race pace is much faster than my speed work pace! wow wow wow.

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