School, racing, and bunhuggers… yep.

This last week has been busy and exciting. I am back in my classroom and have it all set up and ready for 27 new first graders. I will take a video of my room tomorrow, it’s so cute! There are a million and one things I still need to do, and even though they all don’t NEED to be done before the first day of school on August 16th, my type A personality will have everything set and squared away. Once those kiddos come, it will only get busier!

I ran an 80 mile week this week. I had a great 20 mile run on Thursday and I averaged a 7:16 pace. I negative split the run and the last 10 miles were sub 7 minutes or very close to being so. I also had an awesome track workout on Tuesday. I ran 10 x 800- the Yassos. MWC told me to hit 2:48 each one. They were all 2:46 or under! I was very happy with this workout. The ‘theory’ is that your average time for 10 Yasso 800’s will be your marathon time or close to it. I don’t know how valid that is, but I will go with it! I looked back at my log from February when I had this workout- the same exact one.  I ran pretty much what I ran on Tuesday, but I feel good about Tuesdays’ because it was a bazillion degrees out.

On Sunday I have my last ARR summer series 5k at South Mountain. This is definitely my favorite of the 5 races, so I am excited for it and hope to PR- run under 17:50.  Next week its all meetings, all week, at work. We have meet the teacher night on Friday night and I am so excited to meet the little guys and gals! I leave for San Diego Saturday morning, race the AFC 1/2 marathon on Sunday morning, leave right after the race to come back to Phoenix and prepare for the first day of school! Whew, it will be a stressful week! I need to remember to stay hydrated and relaxed so that I don’t bomb my race because of stress.

So…After summoning up a *lot* of courage, I  bought bunhuggers. Yep, the underwear looking  bottoms that runners wear. This is cute, little, Deena Kastor in them. They will *not* look as cute on me, but you get the picture! (This one is from the Boston Globe)

I consulted my teammate Susan Loken about the bunhuggers. (holy cow, she is such an amazing runner, and check out her Chances For Children!)  She told me that the main benefit of wearing them is that they make you feel fast and we need all the positive thinking we can get as we try to Olympic Trials Qualify.  She said to just make sure you can run in them without your butt jiggling out! lol! I also consulted Sally (see below post of her awesomeness) who reassured me that I was fast enough to wear them (I didn’t want to look like a poser) and that I need to run a tempo run in them to make sure they feel ok. *gulp*  Well, I certainly am not doing that alone in my neighborhood or on the treadmill at the gym (OMG!) so why not try them out at AFC?  hmmm… don’t know if that is the best choice, maybe I will wear them under my shorts for a few runs first.  I am such a nut. 😉

Oh yeah, I tried them on in front of Matt with my Brooks top and he said I looked like I was part of the Brooks Swim Team. Nice.

Happy Friday everyone!


  1. You are amazing Ariana. Good luck with those wonderful kiddos. I’m sure you are an awesome teacher. Best of luck at your 5k and 1/2. You so deserve the bun huggers! I’m a huge fan! Your friend, Linda

  2. Um, I think you will absolutely look as cute as Deena Kastor! Plus you will look SUPER intimidating.

  3. Thanks for your support ladies! So sweet! 🙂 Meghan- I like that, intimidating! 🙂

  4. I wore bunhuggers all through college racing. If you have the right size and the sides aren’t cut too high they actually aren’t bad once you get used to showing so much skin 🙂 Better fix up those tan lines!

  5. Haha, buthuggers bring back great memories of high school xc & track .. if memories = wedgies! haha they’re actually not too bad. You’ll appreciate them when it’s really warm out :p Plus, you’ll feel badass, so it’s a win win situation!

  6. IMO bun huggers are super comfortable once you get over the nerves. Not only do they make you feel quick but they also cut down on wind resistance and friction; it has been proven that they improve times.

    As for wedgies, I find the answer is to buy a size smaller than the size chart indicates. It’s too much material that allows them to get caught up, not too little. And most contain Spandex, so they stretch to fit 🙂

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