School’s Out For Summer!

Start of Sunday's Long Run

Whew, what a crazy, hectic week! Not only was I super busy trying to get my classroom cleaned and packed up, report cards finished, folders filed, gifts made, water-day planned for the kids, and the  end of the year party set up, I also had to find time to run 86 miles and recover! Until the 15K this past March, I never realized just how much stress plays a part in running. I had a pretty rough week of running and I know it is because I was so stressed out.  But, now I get to get some more rest and chill before Grandma’s Marathon on June 18th!

M 5/23- 8.2 miles recovery 7:53 avg

T 5/24- 7 miles a.m.- drove to the track to do my workout in the morning, went to 2 different locations, both locked. Grrrr… already running late so I just decided to run track at night.

9 miles p.m. Had 10 x 800 in 2:39 w/ 2:00 rest. I couldn’t even get through 3 of these about a month and a half ago. I did 6 at 2:39, 7 and 8 were at 2:41. My legs were      completely done and on fire. I decided to stop before my times got any worse!

W 5/25- 10 miles recovery 7:40avg

R- 14 miles w/ 4 x 56th street hill loop. Ugh, woke up late, had no calories except some old Gu I found in the car which completely upset my stomach. It was a pretty bad run. I felt tired, legs hurt,  out of sorts, and stressed! 7:19avg

Massage at night helped my legs to feel tons better.

F- 8 miles recovery 7:31

S- 10 miles w/ strides 7:20 avg Trying to take it easy for Sunday’s run. Felt tired and got a late start.

S- 20 miles w/ the last 16 @ 6:10 per mile. We warmed up- uphill- for 4 miles before we started the marathon pace miles. I ended up running 6:04 avg for the last 16 miles without stopping once and a 6:25avg for the 20. It was an awesome run. My friend Ricardo ran with me and helped to block the wind the entire way. Coach John met us halfway and paced us through the end. Kerry and Susan followed running 18 w/ 14 miles at 6:25 avg!!! Kerry is running for her Olympic Trials Qualifier at Grandmas and she is going to have such a great race! I am so proud of her! George is also running Grandmas and did an awesome job running his long run!!

Kerry, Susan, Me, George pre-run

Warming up

Besthusbandintheworldever leap-frogged us and handed us our own water bottles every 2 miles. He would hand off to me and Ricardo- we would grab them on the run, take a few swigs and drop them when we were finished. Then Matt would go grab them off the side of the road. He then waited for Kerry and Susan and did the same for them before running back to the car to drive to the next spot to catch Ricardo and I.  No easy task! It helped so much to not have to try and run fast while carrying a bottle! Thanks Matty! I know it is not the most ideal way to spend a Sunday morning!

Modeling the exceptional water bottle hand-off post-run

Coach John, Ricardo and us girls at the end!

The run  felt good, and barring the heat we encountered, I feel like I could have run another 10 miles if it were race day. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t as easy as I would like it to be, but it wasn’t as hard as I was expecting (dreading) either! I am really happy with it and I feel very confident that I will have a break-through race at Grandmas. 🙂 All in all, an ok training week culminating with a fabulous long run. Now the stress is over and I am looking forward to a great first week of summer training and resting!

Fountain Hills



  1. So glad to be out there with you that day. You really rocked it! It was a great confidence booster!

  2. You gals impress the heck out of me! I know exactly where that is- palisades. Now you know why I drive out of FH on the weekends to run some flats. Yikes, I’ve only run that 2x and its a rough, hilly run. You need to check out Golden Eagle (take it back to the Dixie mine trailhead- heck you could even run the trail – its 5 miles to the mine). There are a couple of hills on Golden Eagle that make Palisades look easy. The last one is an 18% grade and its loooong.

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