Soleus Mini Watch Review

I don’t listen to music or wear a heart rate monitor when I run, but I love seeing my mile splits, distance, time, and pace. I am able to run without a GPS watch and do so on easy runs and some races, but I love plugging in my watch after a run, downloading the data and seeing how I did. It is so satisfying!

I was given a Soleus GPS Mini watch to test out. At first sight, the first characteristic of the watch that I liked was the bright blue color.  Now that I had it out of the box, time for the set-up. I am not good at technology, but somehow I figured out how to download the correct software for the watch. If I can do it, anyone can. Getting the correct setting on my watch was a little difficult for me, probably because I was trying to watch the set-up tutorial and press buttons at the same time. After a few attempts I was all set.

Garmin 220 and the Soleus GPS Mini

Garmin 220 and the Soleus GPS Mini

Here is the video so you can see how it works:

Using the watch on a run:

I found the GPS to be very accurate on my regular afternoon route. I will do some more testing this week to see how it does on trails. If you are interested in the data from my Soleus on Strava, give me a follow! I will post the data here on the blog as well so you can get an idea of what the Soleus data looks like.

What I like about the watch is it is charged via USB. Very convenient. It has a 100 lap memory, you can autolap miles or kilometers, and it has a calorie counter. I think that the Soleus GPS Mini is a great watch if you are looking for a simple, easy to use, GPS watch. It is well worth the $99 price point. (My Garmin 220 was $250 for comparison) My only problem with the watch is that I am unable to download it to Final Surge, only to Strava. So hopefully that will change in the future. I would highly recommend this GPS watch for any runner.



  1. Hello Ariana! I work with your father-in-law, Jack and he told me what a great runner you are. I ran my first full (Phoenix Marathon) last year and finished 3:19. This Saturday, I will be running the PHX to qualify for the Boston Marathon. Time needed is 3:10. Do you have any last minute tips on what I can do to avoid hitting the wall on my 20th mile? Gels, Protein bar, Hammer? Whats your take? I would love to know.

  2. Hi Chian! Thanks for reading!
    Nutrition is tricky because it is so different for everyone. What have you been using on your long runs? Whatever that is, use it during the marathon. You definitely should not try anything new on race day. 🙂 I like to take in about 70 calories every 5k with Caffeine in the beginning of the race and at mile 15. If you look online, there is a formula for how much caffeine would be beneficial during the marathon according to your weight. But, caffeine should be something you practiced with as it can give stomach issues. I take it in pill form but it is also in many sports drinks/gels. What is your current fueling strategy for the marathon?

    • Ariana,

      Thanks for the reply and the feedback. I did a 20 miler a few weeks back and for that I took a packet of caffeine gel and a protein bar. For the PHX, I plan on taking a couple of packets of Honey Stinger, apple sauce squeezy, and maybe a Quest bar. I plan on taking the gel probably around the 12th mile and the protein bar anytime after the 15-16th mile…I know you are busy with your training, but one more question is what is a good meal to eat the night before the run so I don’t feel sluggish the next morning?

      • Wow, eating and chewing while running that fast is quite a skill! Nice work! 🙂 Honey Stinger is great and easy on the stomach. Concentrate on getting most of your calories from carbohydrate the days leading up to the race. Since the race is Saturday, I always say the most important day for sleep, carbing up, and hydrating is Thursday. Don’t overdo it on Friday, especially Friday night. I usually go with chicken, potatoes, and rice with a healthy sprinkling of salt. I will also have some bread and a small bit of salad. Stay away from too much fat/oils. I like to eat my main meal around 5 and then have a snack before bed, like a banana, graham crackers, etc.
        Hope this helps! You will do great on Saturday!

      • Thanks! Those are all great tips and I will for sure take them into consideration. Good luck to you on Sat and pray for no rain.

  3. Hi Ariana!

    As company in Netherlands we run with a lot of people from our office. In Riga we have a small affiliate with one runner. But she has difficulties to start running. Where can I find a trainer who can do a (paid) run with this lady from our office ? Lets say once a week for atleast 10 weeks.

    I can find this on internet.

    Greetings, Jeroen

    • Thanks for reading Jeroen. I would check on Facebook- you could search for Riga Lattecom Marathon or Skrien Latvia. They would probably have some runners that might be able to assist you! Good luck!

  4. Nice write on the Soleus mini GPS Ari. I actually was using the Soleus GPS regular until it died on me a few weeks ago. Now back to Garmin. I bought a Forerunner 405 🙂

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