The Simulator

I have to admit, I was as nervous as can be for the simulator. In the days preceding I was reviewing my mantras and telling myself that I was just going to go do it. Simple as that. I was preparing for the hurt, I knew it was no easy workout, but I felt like Keith and Kevin had prepared me well for it and that I was going to stay tough no matter what.

Well, we ended up having very less than ideal conditions. I knew it would be very hard to hit my goal paces on the exaggerated Boston Marathon course. There is really nothing else you can do but have a good attitude and go give it your best shot. I have to admit, the weather and icy roads caused some cranky patches, and I *may or may not* have said a few curses in my head when I fell (only once!). But, overall I feel like I remained calm, focused, and ran hard. It could be like that on race day, so I definitely feel prepared for anything that Boston could throw at me in three weeks.

The simulator was actually really cool. Read about it here There were signs at every kilometer. Kevin was out at 3:45am putting them out. (!!) Many of the signs had pictures on them depicting where I would be at that mile on the race course, so at 13k there was a picture of Wellesley, 25k the Citgo sign etc. It was pretty neat.

The finish line! With my coaches and teammates.

The finish line! With my coaches and teammates.

I felt infinitely more tough when I finished the simulator. My face was frozen so I couldn’t really talk but I was very happy to have finished it strong. I would have to say it was one of the most challenging runs I have done. Challenging, but very satisfying knowing I am one step closer in reaching my goals for Boston. I have a few key workouts left and ran a hard 20 miler today. Feeling great as I head into my 11th straight week of mileage from 100-122 miles.


Post-Simulator breakfast at Toast

My yogurt/granola french toast. It was awesome.

My yogurt/granola french toast. It was awesome.

In case you were curious, here is my nutrition that I used for the simulator and will use at Boston.

4 hrs before- 2 scoops Hammer Perpetuem, banana w/ honey.

1 hr before- .25 caffeine pill

At the start line- Honey Stinger gel

5k-  8oz water w/ .25 scoop Hammer Heed

10k- .5 scoop Heed

15k- .5 scoop Heed .25 caffeine pill

20k- .5 scoop Heed

25k- .5 scoop Heed

I am still working on my stomach issues. It is a nightmare. Seriously. Everything went very smoothly during the simulator, so that was very good. I have come to the realization that I just can’t eat a lot the morning of the race. I know I need to be pretty diligent in the week leading up to the race to get lots of calories/carbs in and to not have any dairy (which I suspect is the main culprit, but who knows). I feel like the one thing that holds me back is worrying about my stomach, which I am sure makes it worse! What a headcase I am. This plan, coupled with a safe diet of rice, bananas, and honey in the days leading up to the race should do the trick. It has worked in the past so I just can’t go all rogue and have a yogurt or anything crazy like that. haha!

3 weeks to go, happy running friends!



  1. Great job, Ariana! Also, thank you for sharing so much detail. I am always thinking
    about how to improve my nutritional habits for racing, especially in the marathon. I wish you a good taper!

  2. Best of luck at Boston – sounds like you are ready for a great race! Looking forward to reading about your race and results 🙂

  3. You are such an inspiration Ariana! I love reading about your workouts and training. Keep it up! Very excited to read about how amazing you run at Boston!

  4. Ariana,

    Great job on the simulator! Hammer products have always given me stomach issues and i have a way sensitive stomach. I go with a banana then a nuun tablet dissolved in 22 oz of water with First Endurance pre-race mixed in. I found that it is light enough that it never upsets my stomach.

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