There’s something good, waitin’ down this road!

Just returned from a lovely 4 days up in the mountains in Heber, Arizona. The weather was perfect, cloudy and cool (for us Arizonans, cool is 80 degrees.)  with some rain and thunder. Matt and I had such a wonderful time! I had a 20 miler on Sunday and it went so awesome. One of the better 20 milers I have ever had. I practiced my race day nutrition, AND negative split the run. (Second half faster than the first half) I just felt AWESOME. Matt was so wonderful and rode a bike with me everyday while I ran. It is so nice to run and not have to carry a waterbottle!


I have been having some great workouts lately and have been nailing my splits during track work. Everything is going so well! My mileage is heading upwards, I have 75 miles this week and 80 next. I have been feeling great! On Monday, I will start going  back to school to start setting up my classroom. This is always such an exciting time, but I need to make sure I am still hydrating, fueling, and resting. I tend to get so caught up in school stuff that I forget to do these things.

Happy running everyone! The summer heat is *almost* over!


  1. Sounds like you had a great time Ariana! I loved the video post too.. it really shows your enthusiasm and your ecstatic mood after your run! Good luck with your upcoming training!!

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