Time to move on, time to get going…

Sooo…. about that race today. Yikes.  I woke up this morning and I just did not feel excited, nervous, anxious, all of the things I usually feel before a race that get me pumped up.  I slept on the way to the race and didn’t even play my good luck songs. I was just ‘off’.  It showed during the 5k today. I just didn’t have the urge to dig deep, or push myself to move it.  I ran an 18:20 time. 30 seconds SLOWER than last months’ race. Oh well, it just wasn’t my day. I also ran 80 miles this week, so I think I was tired.  But, I  have to move forward and focus on AFC. Like my BF Ter reminded me, lucky I was feeling ‘off’ today and not next Sunday when it really matters! (Well, I am hoping I am not ‘off’ next Sunday too) Now  I get to taper for AFC. I will still run 64 miles this week, but the drop in mileage will hopefully freshen those legs up!


  1. 18:20 during an 80 mile week and you felt “off”? I’d say you did pretty good! What’s your best 5k???

    Just found your site and am digging the video/picture updates! I’m jealous of your 20 miler at altitude, that looks like a beautiful area…

  2. Hey Fitz! Thanks, I am excited to read your blog as well, just put it in my google reader! 🙂 My 5k pr is 17:50 from last month. 🙂

  3. Should have wore your bunhuggers:-) Whats your goal time for AFC?

  4. I was thinking you should be shooting for 1:10. 1:20, your going to smoke that, no problem!!!

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