Training 2/16-2/22

I realized I forgot to update my training on the blog last week! This is what I ran following the California 10/20 10 Mile race.

M 2/16– 8 trails in the a.m., 4 on trails in the p.m. 60 minutes of  youtube yoga, 60 minutes massage.

T– 10 miles a.m,  4 miles p.m. 30 minutes easy recovery swim

W– 2 miles a.m. out of bed w/ Gussie, 10 miles hills on the coast a.m. 40 minutes strength: W’s, weighted lunges, step-ups (side), triceps, woodchop, one leg cable pull (from Core Performance) Grant Green, Active Isolated Stretching.

6  miles in the p.m. with 8×200 w/ 200 jogs- 35, 35, 34, 35, 34, 25, 34, 34

R- 6 miles a.m., 6 miles p.m.

F– 3 x 2ml in 10:55 w/ 3:00 jog rests. I was SO nervous to run this. I knew I could do it, I have run them in 10:58 last April but I also knew it would be hard! Luckily my friend Jen had a corresponding workout and jumped into every other 400 with me. That was so helpful and I was so thankful she was there!  I ran 10:51 (5:26, 5:25), 10:53 (5:24, 5:30 -oops) 10:57 ( 5:27, 5:30) Although I wish I would have run a few seconds faster on the last one, I am very pleased with how it went. Yay! Went to the gym afterwards for 30min recovery swim.

S-16 miles easy up the coast with my lovely friend Christina, her boyfriend Dan, my brother Lukas, and Matt on his bike. Such a great run! We ran from the Torrey Pines Gliderport up to Beacon’s Beach in Leucadia, followed by a nice soak in the Pacific and breakfast at my favorite place- WHOLE FOODS!

Christina and I at Beacon's Beach in Leucadia dropping a car before our run.

Christina and I at Beacon’s Beach in Leucadia dropping a car before our run and sippin’ on GenUcan

Lukas and I and the Cardiff Kook!

Lukas and I and the Cardiff Kook!

Post run Ocean soak!

Post run Ocean soak

S– 10 easy

94 miles total for the week

Jade, Matt, and I at Mike Hess Brewery in North Park. What San Diegans do on a rainy afternoon.

Jade, Matt, and I at Mike Hess Brewery in North Park. What San Diegans do on a rainy afternoon.

Since I waited too long to blog, I don’t remember what recipes I made that week! I have a few good ones to share tomorrow when I cover last week’s training to make up for it.

GenUCAN sent me a training care package to try and I have been using it daily for almost 2 weeks now. I will be reviewing it more in posts to come, but I am loving it so far! Have you used it and if so, what is your favorite flavor? I am loving the tropical orange drink and the chocolate protein is delicious. It is amazing how well it is working for my stomach!



Although I love everything that has to do with marathon training, I am also enjoying the frequent racing and less mileage that comes with not being in marathon training.However, soon enough grasshopper, soon enough! Looking forward to finalizing my fall marathon plans within the next few weeks.

Run Happy!