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Hi Friends!

It is August and I am in the thick of marathon training! Exhausted, hungry, and I love it!  I am living at 6800ft elevation with no interruption for the entire month. I love being in the mountains! In September I will head back to San Diego and Matt and I will make a trip over to Latvia to race and to enjoy some other parts of the country that we have not been to. We are pretty excited. I am also excited to try out my Latvian language skills with others besides Mom and Dad. I feel like I have made a lot of progress.

Check out the video that my teammate and triathlete extraordinaire Nicole Truxes made for our meeting in Ohio with P&G! So lucky to have P&G support us as we go for our dreams!

A few photos from the quick 24 hour trip to Cincinnati:



And we had SDP camp up in Flagstaff! We had so much fun running, eating, and laughing together!


Nothing else too new and exciting to report, just running my bootie off (literally) and looking forward to running the Twin Cities Marathon on October 4th! Thank you to my in-laws for letting me hold my own ‘training camp’ at their cabin!

Mom on fluid support (and expert cattle shoo-er!) for my long run in the mountains!

Mom on fluid support (and expert cattle shoo-er!) for my long run in the mountains!

Summer Racing Update:

Won Carissa’s Run here in Heber on July 4. I was sucking wind for sure. It was hard. Ran just under 39:00.


Took 2nd place at a hot, humid Cypress 10k on 7/25 earning some $$ for some post race fun at The Bruery and Noble Ales. Although far off of a PR, I ran 35:50, a second off where I was last year so I am really pleased at where I am moving forward.



Post-race long run on the coast after the Cypress 10k. Was planning on a leisurely jaunt until I ran into fellow SDP and GenUCAN teammate the Legend! (AKA Susan Loken) We had so much fun gabbing away that we started hammering and didn’t even realize, ha!


Then we ran in to Bryce Whiting of ElliptiGO!

20150726_083826And of course, we needed a picture by the Kook!

Hope everyone’s summer training is going well! If you haven’t tried the new UCAN Hydrate, I highly recommend it, especially for the summer months! Get in those electrolytes!

My post long run stop at the market plus UCAN Hydrate. ALL. THE. DRINKS

My post long run stop at the market plus UCAN Hydrate. ALL. THE. DRINKS


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  1. Hi Ariana,
    Diane and I just got back from 3 days in Flagstaff and had some pretty great runs. Off to AFC in less than 2 weeks then Marine Corps Marathon in October and American River 50 miler in April. Would love to run with you once (if possible) in Heber before you head back to SD. Maybe we could match one of my hard days with one of your easy days…let me know. And congrats again on your dominating win at the prestigious Carissa’s Run this year!!!
    John Hendrix cell: 480-694-1512

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