Truckin’ Down On Boylston Street- Part 2

So, as I am sure you know, I did run Boston.

The morning of the race (After I slept through my alarm!!) I choked down some rice and a few sips of chamomile tea. Usually I have coffee, a huge Gatorade, the works. I just couldn’t this morning.

My dear friend Mark brought me some Immodium when I met the gang at the busses down on Boston Common. The bus ride was fun as usual, always interesting characters! I didn’t have anything to eat or drink on the bus as I was real worried about what could happen.

We arrived at the village and I immediately used the restroom. I took Immodium and about 5 minutes later, I went again. After the 3rd trip to the restroom, I decided that it warranted the second recommended dose. blech.  Every time I would try to lay down, I would need to get back up in line. It was awful. I had my phone and was texting Matt as I was very worried about this race. I really didn’t even know if I should try to start. I was so dehydrated at this point, and everything I tried to eat or drink was being rejected by my stomach. I was pretty upset.

I figured I would give it a go and that maybe I would ‘forget’ about my stomach once I started running. Well, its not like nerves. The flu is pretty unforgettable while running!

When I got to the start line, I tried to think positive. I knew the Big Guy would take care of me, and that I had a job to do and I was going to just go out and do it. (wise words from Don) They played Tom Petty’s “Running Down A Dream” which perked me up. I am his biggest fan (atic), and I listen to this song before every race. Except we didn’t bring it to Boston, so I was really happy to hear it blaring at the start line! There is no song quite like that one to get you amped up. Agreed? Good. 🙂

And we are off!!

Female winner!

First American female, fellow Arizonan Paige Higgens!

Men's Lead Pack

Ryan Hall

Superfans Mark and Wendy.

I would include my splits but they are all messed up as I ran an extra .42 to the restrooms and forgot to turn off the ‘auto-stop’ function on my Garmin. My 2 slowest splits (not counting restroom stops)  were 6:55- Mile 1 and 6:55 Mile 20 at Heartbreak. Happy with that!

Crowds are unreal!! So awesome!

Fellow Bandido JT rockin' it! He ran a 2:41!

Bandido Brett looking for more cowbell. Yeah, he ran a 2:42!!

Luckily my Bandido friend Paul started with me and was able to help keep my mind off of my stomach for awhile. By mile 6 I was frantically looking for a restroom. Finally found one at mile 8. Bad. Took GU #1

I eventually caught up with Paul again, but we lost each other when I had to stop for the second time. I also met 2 friends from Daily Mile on the course, Chaz and Caleb. They looked so strong and I was SO glad to see them. My stomach was cramping bad and I needed a distraction. I tried to hang with them, but I was falling back. Took Gu #2

So happy to see my friends!!!

Off to hunt for a restroom! lol!

At mile 16, I had to find another restroom. This time the one I found was occupied so I had to run through the marathon to the other side of the road to another port-o. This is where I started crying in the port-o-potty. Bad.  Took GU #3- only ate 1/2 of it.

Terri! Looking as strong and cute as ever!!

Here come the Heppercraft!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The rest of the race is pretty blurry. I passed DK and it took me a few minutes to realize that it was him. And he is a close friend! I know I was really dehydrated. I drank at almost every aid station. I felt a bit out of it and I probably should have stopped.  I usually take 4 or 5 GU’s during the race but could only choke down the 2.5.

Citgo Sign!!! 1 mile left!

I will tell you what, I have never been so excited to see a street before. Boylston had angels singing on it, I swear! I tried to give it my all and was super happy that the clock had not turned to 3 hours yet. I had no idea what the time was during the race as my Garmin was all messed up. After I crossed I felt completely depleted. I think the wisest thing would have been to stop at a med tent but I knew there were probably peeps worse off then me so I decided against it. I grabbed my bag from bagcheck and waited for Matt. I was SO COLD!!

Lips blue, post-race.

I love this race but felt so blah about it from being sick. I was disappointed and quite angry that I was so sick. Bummer. I have learned that I am tougher than I thought though. Although I was very far from my goal time of 2:48, my legs did not cramp up at all and the pace felt easy.  Heartbreak was much smaller than last year as well! I know that had it not been for the flu I would have been much closer to my goal.  I felt so great and ready to go all week before the race. This is the first time I did not feel sluggish before the race.  Seriously, my coach rocks.

With all that, this is going down in the books as my ‘bad race’. Everyone has to have one race where something goes wrong. This was mine and its over with! Yay!


The volunteers and people of Boston are AMAZING. They make this race what it is for sure.

My friends had amazing races. They all ran so well. I have never seen a man so overjoyed as my friend Paul upon breaking 3 hours. Amazing.

DK ran this one for his late father and did so awesome. He swore that Dad helped him out with a tail wind every once in awhile. I believe him 100%.

post-race napping.


Post race antics coming up!


  1. Hey Ariana … nice 2 part series to the Boston Marathon. I really feel for you and all that you went through. But at the same time, greatly admire your perseverance to stay with it and overcome the odds. You still had an incredible time and set a PR!! I met Josh Cox a couple years ago when he set the 50K American Record. He had thrown up about 6 or 7 times in that race, not able to keep anything down, and he said a lot of things could have gone better, but said someone told him to never get down when ya set a PR. So hold your head high on a great performance at Boston!! Take all that coulda, shoulda, woulda energy and attitude and focus it on Chicago to hit the low 2:40’s, win some cash, and get the OTQ!! You are running very strong and we all so love tracking and watching you.

  2. I’m finally getting a chance to read through your recap of Boston. Truly inspiring that you were able to finish the race, and so close to your goal time. I hope this gives you great confidence!!

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