So last night I took some Tylenol PM to help me sleep. I was in a foggy daze all day today. I could not snap out of it or think clearly. Guess when the only other time I took it was….the night before the marathon. hmmm….I wonder if that is why I could never get into my groove. What a dumb mistake.

Do you get the same feeling when you take it?


  1. I did this before I ran the LA marathon in 2009 because I was having trouble sleeping and I was scared that I’d have to run a marathon on zero sleep. I felt really out of it and heavy on race morning and ever since then I have not taken it again. I know that it affected me on race morning and I was never able to hit my pace comfortably.


  2. That stuff messes with me too! Ask your doc if he will write you a script for Ambian. It is completely out of your blood stream in 2.5 hours. I always run great on the mornings after I take it. I use a pill cutter and just take half too. The less the better right?!

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