USA 10 Mile Championships


Before I get to my race report, I have to say that I LOVE racing in Minnesota. The staff and volunteers are so amazing. We were well taken care of and I just loved being there!

Soooo… had a bad race. Nothing went awry except for myself. I was super excited to race and wasn’t really nervous, just excited! Race morning I felt good. When the race began, I think I just made the rookie mistake of letting myself get carried out way too fast. My goal was to run a 5:40 pace for the 10 miles which would have brought me in at under 57:00. I was so worried about finishing in last place that I went out with all of the other girls and had opening 2 miles of around/under 5:30 pace each. Talk about not sticking to my race plan! I wanted to start out no faster than 5:40 pace and then just try to dip under 5:40’s for the last 3 miles. I think those first 2 miles caused me to bomb my race. I came in to the 5 mile mark at an average of 5:41 pace, but I had no energy the second half of the race. I slowed big time. I still have not looked at my last splits. My Garmin was off the mile markers anyways, and let’s face it, I just don’t want to look!

I ended in 58:13- 5:50 avg. pace (I came through the 10 mile mark at the AFC half marathon in 57:40) and placed 25th in the US Championships. I knew the field was completely stacked, but 25th! I should have run much better than that!

Honestly, a little (ok, a lot) embarrassed about it. I know that I am in good shape right now.After the race, I wanted to crawl into a hole and hide. However, it was good for me to get experience racing with such fast women and to put myself out there. I have been meeting lots of really sweet new friends at these races and its good for me to ‘rub elbows’ with the best in the country.

Going forward I know I need to work on:

1. Continuing my visualization/affirmation daily.

2. Eating more the days before the race. I made another rookie mistake of trying to hard to get at and stay at my ‘race weight’ all week and I think it bit me in the arse. Feeling strong is way more important.

3. Telling myself that I am capable of holding these paces. I need to be pushing the envelope and know that it will feelĀ  uncomfortable.


After the race, I had a semi- freak out. You know, the whole “Do I just totally suck?, maybe I need to move up to Flagstaff before the Olympic Trials, Should I quit my job completly to get more rest?” kind of freak out. Luckily I have a great support system that has talked me out of the above and brought me back to being level-headed! My parents were there, so that was so awesome. I think that was the reason I was so excited to race. With them living in Milwaukee, they don’t get to see all of my races so it is really special when they come out. We spent the rest of the day catching up and of course, watching the Packers game. Super fun!

After the race with Mom and Dad.

Going forward I am building up speed for a 10k next month. This month will include lots of track work, which I am nervous about but I know it will serve me well, so I am also excited!

Packer fun at Sally'sThanks for coming Mom and Dad!