Week of 5/16-5/22

Saturday's 5k

Mon- 10 miles easy in Greendale, WI. 7:30 avg. So fun and relaxing to run in my hometown. It was very cool and windy, it felt so good!

Tues- 12 miles back in PHX after very little sleep!- 6:46 avg.

Weds- 10 miles easy with 7 x 100m strides 7:14 avg

Thurs- 12 miles w/miles 4-12 @ 6:04, 6:05, 6:02, 6:07, 6:06, 6:05, 6:03, 5:50   6:24avg pace for the 12 miles.

Fri- 6 miles recovery a.m. 7:42 pace, 6 miles recovery p.m. 7:28 pace

Sat- 10 miles w/ 5k race in 17:35 *New PR!*  Went in to the race with no pressure, I was in the end of an 88 mile week, I had just ran a great race at the 25k a week earlier with a hard workout on Thursday. So, no expectations. I wanted to support my friends Brett and Alanna who were putting on the race and HAVE FUN!  I didn’t look at my watch once. I felt fantastic! I was pushing comfortably hard and ran pretty even with a 5:40 avg. pace. I came in first female, 4th overall.

Start line for the 5k


Making my move. Sorry friend! :)

I was really trying to think about my arms during the race..keeping them down!


Sun- 22 miles at South Mountain 7:00 avg pace. Coach John told me to just take it easy, no pace-pushing. That was an easy rule to follow as Matt and I went to see the Phoenix Symphony last night and didn’t get home until 10:30. Not a lot of sleep for a 4am wake-up call and 22 hard miles! By mile 11 I was done, but luckily I had my girlies there with me!

Tere, Me, Kerry, Susan Love you girls!!!!

Post-run. The first scorcher of the season. Man, it got hot.

Can't wait to see Kerry get her OTQ at Grandma's Marathon June 18th!!! *love*

No words can describe how wonderful and inspiring Susan is! *love*

88 miles for the week, this coming week is another big week ending with 20 miles w/ 16 @ Goal marathon pace on Sunday. *gulp*

Along with big mileage and a few tough workouts, I will be scrambling to get my classroom packed up, report cards done, papers filed, gifts for the kids made….

I can’t believe my last 3.5 days as a first grade teacher are here! I am going to miss the kids and staff at Wildfire, but I am excited for my new journey!



  1. Sooo fast!!! Nice 5K work – I thought you were a marathon runner but I see you are overall just an amazing runner at any race!!!

  2. You are sweet! Thanks Cindy! Well, I am working on those shorter distances…still not my favorite but I am coming around…slowly… 🙂 🙂
    Any races planned for you? What is your running plan for summer?

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