Whirlwind Spring

Phew, what a spring! We took a rather unconventional approach for me racing wise as I really wanted to get out there, race a bunch, and throw caution to the wind. Maybe I threw a little too much caution as fatigue definitely set in just in time for the Chicago Shamrock Shuffle 8k and the SacTown 10 mile. I was honestly exhausted. (hence the absence from blogging for a few weeks)  But, you never know until you try! I learned a lot this spring and even came away with 2 new PR’s. The most important thing I learned was that I can mix it up and start faster than usual and still finish the race…even if it is a death march, ha! This spring was all about racing instead of time-trialing, so I tried to take a few more risks in my racing.

Here is how it went down:

Feb 28- Phoenix Half Marathon Win in 1:14:52

March 6- Mountain to Fountain 15k- went out hard- 2nd place and a new PR in 53:03

March 15- Encinitas Road Mile- 4:59!!! I had so much fun and can’t wait to try the mile again. I think I can go even faster. I was SO HAPPY!!!

20150315_094803 (1) 20150315_094356

March 22- Hot Chocolate 15k- ran this for fun in lieu of a workout. Probably the hardest course I have ever run.  Win in 55:?

March 29- Shamrock Shuffle 8k in Chicago- 27:48, slower than last year. I went in tired and wished I would have rested up a little more before running this. Our team Sonoran Distance Project came in 4th, so that was awesome! Can’t wait for next year!

healthy eats shamrock post race

Got to spend some time with this lovely lady in Chicago!

Got to spend some time with this lovely lady in Chicago!

April 5- No racing!! Ran 30 minutes fast as part of my long run with my friend JT and was so tired I couldn’t finish the whole thing. Eh. First workout in a long time that I haven’t been able to hit, so I was fine with it. I should know by now to not do workouts around Fiesta Island. For some reason I feel like the pace feels much harder and the air much hotter there. What a headcase! 🙂

April 12- SacTown 10 mile- Went with my friend Jenn. This was my first time in Sacramento and I really liked the city. My A goal was to run under 56:30, my B goal was to place in the top 5. I definitely went out a bit hard (you would think I would learn by now!) and just felt awful from mile 3 on. I still came in 5th… but in 58 minutes. The 10 mile distance is one I don’t quite have a handle on yet.

Now, back in San Diego, I have been doing some nice easy running and have been trying to rest up. Looking ahead, I have a few hill workouts leading up to Bloomsday 12k on May 3rd. I love this race and can’t wait to be back in Spokane! I plan on arriving well rested, fit, and ready to roll!

From there, I am going to target a 5k on the track in June. I have never raced on the track before so I am excited to see what I can do. Then it will be time for marathon training for a fall race! YIPPEE!!

Got to see Mel after she ran the LA Marathon!

Got to see Mel after she ran the LA Marathon! Love this lady!

Run Happy!